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Accidents happen, but getting help could preserve your smile. If you or someone you know has experienced a dental emergency, please contact our team immediately for a same-day assessment.

If your emergency occurs outside our regular office hours, don’t hesitate to contact your nearest dental emergency services for help.

What We Can Address

There are many types of dental emergencies, but getting immediate help can address these issues and possibly preserve your oral health. Some of the most common emergencies we can help address include:

  • Severe toothaches
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Lost fillings or crowns
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Jaw injuries
  • Objects stuck in your teeth

If your tooth has been knocked out, please keep it in a small container of milk and bring it with you to your emergency appointment. The tooth might have a chance of taking root again within 10 minutes of it being knocked out.

What Should You Do?

You can help reduce your risk of experiencing a tooth emergency by safe oral health practices, cleaning your teeth regularly, and visiting us for regular exams and cleanings. Some things you can do at home include:

  • Chewing hard foods carefully
  • Wearing mouth guards while playing sports
  • Not using your teeth as tools (cutting tape, opening boxes, etc.)

If you’re concerned about the safety of your teeth, please speak to our team. We may recommend personalized strategies to help you protect your smile no matter where life takes you.

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Preserve your oral health and contact our team today. By addressing emergency problems as quickly as possible, our team can help protect your smile’s look, feel, and function.

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