Tooth Exeraction in Ottawa


Only your dentist can determine whether or not extraction is the right solution for you.

Wisdom teeth,also known as third molars, can create problems when there is not enough room in your jaw. They can become impacted, which can damage the root of the molar in front. If your wisdom teeth are impacted, this means they are stuck in your jaw and cannot properly break through your gums. Impacted wisdom teeth can misalign your bite, cause jaw pain, and create painful, swollen, and infected flaps in your gums.

At other times, wisdom teeth only partially erupt, leaving you prone to recurrent infection or decay. Wisdom teeth that have successfully broken through your gums can still create problems because they can be hard to clean. Your risk of getting cavities and gum disease in the back of your mouth is higher if you keep your wisdom teeth because it's hard to brush and floss that part of your mouth well.

The extraction of Wisdom teeth can range from simple to difficult and may be quite involved. Most extractions are routine; however, some difficult extractions can lead to such things as bleeding, infection, swelling and pain. The good news is that most tooth extractions are a routine surgical procedure that can be performed comfortably with the aid of local anesthetic, with or without sedation.

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